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Targeting global scientific frontier, Beihang University, as one of the top research universities in China, stands in the service of the strategic needs of the nation. With cultivation of elites as our basis, scientific and technological innovation as our goals, and global vision as our footholds, the university puts strengths on selected research directions for further advancement by deepening mechanism reforms, aggregates talents by creating suitable platforms, and is committed to building a world-class university rooted in the homeland of China.


Standing in line with the university’s vision, the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science (IRIMS), established in 2012, pursues the international cutting-edge research. At IRIMS, knowledge and innovation are the driving power for advancement. We have a culturally diverse group of outstanding internationally recognized academic talents. Bridging the gap between divisions of schools and departments, new cutting-edge interdisciplinary research directions are emerging at IRIMS and are leading several initiatives at Beihang, further expanding the university’s science and engineering leadership.


IRIMS Research Centers 2016

Name of Research Center


International Research Center of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

John Michael David Coey

International Research Center for Advanced Structural and Bio-Materials

Robert O. Ritchie

International Research Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos

Isao Tanihata

International Research Center on Big Data

Fan Wenfei

Center for Space Environment Science and Technology

Malcolm Wray Dunlop


Center for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Sun Zhimei

International Research Center of Implantable and Interventional Medical Devices

Cheng-Kung Cheng

Center of Soft Matter Physics and Its Applications

Masao Doi

Fert Beijing Institute

Zhao Weisheng

HEEGER Beijing Research and Development Center

Alan Heeger


The institute now has over 100 outstanding research scholars including 2 Nobel laureates and 6 academicians overseas setting up top international research teams and 11 research centers established. The institute enhances opportunities for outstanding scholars to meet the university’s goal of becoming a global leader in research. The institute will provide funding for both domestic and international scholars recruited through various recruitment and funding programs at national, provincial and university levels, who conduct research at and on behalf of Beihang University.


Fostering collaborative research teams including international cooperation and encouraging researchers to work collaboratively on projects both within the university and with international research partners, the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science has made outstanding academic achievements represented by papers published in Science, Nature and its sister journals, as well as fast growth of several emerging disciplines including printed electronics, spintronics, quantum physics, brain science, big data, and material genomics.


Achievements 2013 of IRIMS



Current Research FundsCNY



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The institute carries the mission of enriching the university’s research environment, promoting interdisciplinary research among faculty, and assisting in the recruitment of world-leading research scholars.


The institute also sets a model for cross-disciplinary research and regional collaborative innovation by strengthening cooperation and collaboration with higher education institutions, medical centers, and other relevant research institutions in Beijing. The institute, at the same time, is making efforts to build a world-class platform for cutting-edge and fundamental research by actively exploring a model in which research activities are organized in combination of fundamental research, regional collaboration, as well as integration of industry, academia, research, and application.


Research conducted at IRIMS responds to local, national, and global issues. The institute will seek to ensure that the research work is accessible to a wide audience beyond the scientific community. The International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science has been dedicated to educating the public about the research, increasing public engagement with research at the institute and promoting IRIMS-based impact activities across campus by producing bilingual publications, organizing forums, symposiums, conferences, lectures, and promoting the social, economic, and cultural benefits of its research in addition to the academic significance.


Having gradually created a healthy and competitive academic environment featuring fundamental research and international collaboration, the IRIMS will continue to promote the influence of Beihang University and develop partnerships with international research communities, further promoting its research excellence, with its commitment of building Beihang into a world-class university.