The institute carries the mission of enriching the university’s research environment, promoting interdisciplinary research among faculty, and assisting in the recruitment of world-leading research scholars. In its commitment of facing up to scientific problems, of engaging in research leading to original innovation, and of planning future research based on dominant disciplines at Beihang, the institute has refined and put forward five key research directions Including mechanics in aeronautics & astronautics, advanced information science and technology, advanced material and nano-manufacturing, new energy and environmental science, as well as life sciences and modern medicine with the goal of producing original research results with global influence and building the world’s cutting-edge research hub.

    The institute also sets a model for cross-disciplinary research and regional collaborative innovation by strengthening cooperation and collaboration with higher education institutions, medical centers, and other relevant research institutions in Beijing. The institute, at the same time, is making efforts to build a world-class platform for cutting-edge and fundamental research by actively exploring a model in which research activities are organized in combination of fundamental research, regional collaboration, as well as integration of industry, academia, research, and application.