Talent Attraction and Smart Participation: the 4th Vision Forum Held at Beihang University

(Text by Wang Rui)


The 4th Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars, sponsored by Beihang University and organized by the Human Resource Department, the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, and the Institute for Medicine and Engineering Interdisciplinary Innovation, opened in the Vision International Cultural Exchange Center on May 7, 2018. The Forum gathers over 100 young scholars from world-class universities and research institutions including Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and National University of Singapore. The opening session, hosted by Vice President, Professor Wang Yunpeng, had speakers including Professor Cheng Jiwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beihang University Committee, Academician Fang Jiancheng, Vice President and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Zheng Zhiming, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yang Lijun, Dean of the School of Astronautics and Changjiang Scholar, and Professor Liu Zhiqi, scholar of Global Youth 1000 Talent Program. The session also had scientists and scholars with titles of honor, as well as Deans and Secretaries of the University’s Schools.

On behalf of the University, Deputy Secretary Cheng Jiwei gave his welcome speech. He congratulated on the opening of the 4th Vision Forum and extended greetings to the young scholars from around the globe. He pointed out that Beihang has started the journey towards becoming a world-class university and that members of the Beihang University community, with “Beihang dreams” in their hearts, are untiring in their efforts to pursue the original aspiration and goals, believing that the very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. Ever since its founding, Beihang has been recognized for its pioneering work, advancement of ideas, and giant leaps in development. It has made numerous achievements that are to be written into the history. “Beihang model” exerts everlasting influence, and “reliance”, “inclusion”, “harmony” and “platform” are the four key words he gave for the reason why Beihang deserves to be chosen. The University attracts talents with platforms and mechanisms, increases group cohesion with common career pursuits and responsibilities, and unites efforts with reform and development. He sincerely welcomes young scholars with academic accomplishment to return to homeland and make dreams come true at Beihang.  




Aligned with the objectives of the “Double First-Class” plan and to provide better services for faculty to concentrate on teaching and research, the proposal for the establishment of the Talent Management Center and the Faculty Service Center was approved by the University. During the opening ceremony, Deputy Secretary Cheng Jiwei and Vice President Fang Jiancheng unveiled the names to officially inaugurate the Centers, and the University’s integrated talent management system was formed.




 “Knowledge is power, and talents are the future”. Vice President Fang Jiancheng awarded the ‘Certificate of Honor’ to the representatives of young scholars, expressing his appreciation for the excellence in their respective field of research, and hoping they would take this opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other and to stimulate vitality of scientific research and technological innovation to achieve greater success.




In his keynote speech, Vice President Fang Jiancheng presented the path taken by Beihang to innovation – a path leading to a world-class university, and told the story of the spirit, the heart of patriotism, and the dreams of the pioneers, who, in over 60 years of time and through hard working, have made significant achievements in the research and development of unmanned aerial systems, aero engines, and inertial navigation systems. In retrospect, he showed a path of scientific and technological innovation by serving the strategic needs of the country with decades of persistence, perseverance, and endeavor — till “the edge of the sword is exposed”. He laid out the principles of an integrated strategic plan aimed at strengthening engineering education, enhancing science education, expanding cooperation with medical institutions, and accelerating strategic layout for the two campuses. The University is advancing the initiatives of the Kunpeng Program and is making great efforts through coordination of resources to provide greater opportunities for talents based on improved systems and mechanisms, policies and measures, and support and services. He sincerely welcomes talented young people to join the faculty of Beihang University and build the future together.

In the second half of the session, the talk of “Big Data – from Newton's Scientific Way of Thinking”, presented by Academician Zheng Zhiming, looked back at the Newtonian theory and methodology, the Newtonian system of the world, scientific experiments in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, development and practice of science and engineering in the mid 20th century, and scientific computing and the era of big data since the 21st century, showed the evolution of science and technology in modern times and reminded the young scholars of the importance of scientific method and scientific way of thinking in research. The inspirational talk was followed by Professor Yang Lijun’s report of “Challenges in High Thrust Liquid Rocket Engine Research”. Professor Liu Zhiqi’s presentation was on “Electric-Field-Controlled Memory Devices”. The reports were given in an active and pleasant atmosphere with applauses from time to time, giving the audience a great deal of inspiration.




During the two-day forum, the Schools comprehensively introduced their research strengths, academic environment, and plans for talent team building, discussing the possibility of future cooperation with outstanding young scholars. The Human Resource Department, on the other hand, conducted a talent review meeting for the “Zhuoyue 100” talent recruitment and management program, implementing the University’s strategies of talent team construction through selection of outstanding young scholars. 

The Forum, planned to be held twice a year, aims at advancing the frontier of sciences and promoting scientific research across disciplines as well as success of young scholars. The Forum creates a platform and a network of academic exchanges for outstanding young scholars worldwide on the basis of the University’s strategies of becoming a world-class university rooted in the homeland of China.