The Symposium on Frontier in Nuclear Physics

Mapping nuclear chart and knowing accurately the fundamental properties of atomic nuclides have always been a major driving force for explorations the atomic nuclear world. The last decade has witnessed a tremendous advance in determining nuclear ground-state properties like masses and charge radii by applying techniques such as Penning-trap and storage-ring based mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy. Breakthroughs in ion-beam cooling, manipulation and detections allows also getting access to more exotic nuclear system and thus revealing new nuclear structure phenomena and opening new exciting nuclear physics discussions.
This symposium on nuclear physics, will address some of these recent developments, especially initiate discussions on the advantage and limits in both experiments and theories. The topics to be discussed will cover:

Nuclear mass measurements: storage ring, penning trap and TOF
Nuclear charge radii measurements: isotopic shift, electron-scattering and charge-changing cross section
New development in detections etc.
Nuclear models of masses, radii etc.
Physical discussions including nuclear structure and nucleosynthesis around N=82 etc.

This symposium on nuclear ground state properties, the fourth meeting of this series, which started in Beijing in 2010, will be held in Beijing in November 2014.