Five IRIMS Key Research Directions Released
On January 27, in the 2015 Beihang University Science and Technology Innovation Conference, Peng Yan, associate dean of the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science(IRIMS), expert of the Youth 1000 Talent Program at Beihang, released five IRIMS key research directions including mechanics in aeronautics&astronautics, advanced material and nano-manufacturing, advanced information science and technology, new energy and environmental science, and life sciences and modern medicine in an announcement titled Benchmarking International Frontier, Pursuing Academic Summit—Key Research Direction Layout.

Targeting interdisciplinary hotspots concerning mechanics and advanced aircraft design and manufacturing, mechanics in aeronautics&astronautics forms a new pattern of cutting-edge fundamental research in this area by closely interacting with material science, mechanics, and computing technology. Advanced information science and technology seizes important opportunities in this new information age in the hope of making original breakthroughs and interdisciplinary innovation. Advanced material and nano-manufacturing conducts researches in advanced functional materials, intelligent manufacturing, and related areas with the goal of making major breakthroughs in fundamental research. New energy and environmental science explores energy of high efficiency, clean energy, and major scientific issues in sustainability, energy security and related fields around the national strategic theme of energy science innovation, as well as effectively promoting the future development of space science and technology. Life sciences and modern medicine is oriented for major scientific issues in life and health related fields in its efforts to create a new mechanism for regional collaborative innovation in order to make extraordinary development in combination of life sciences and medical engineering.

Ever since its founding in 2012, the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science has been adhering to the position at the forefront of key basic research with the agglomeration of top researchers and cross-disciplinary collaboration, and has been upholding the notion of “academic supremacy and professorial scholarship”. Oriented for global academic frontier, the IRIMS has been actively creating the platform for interdisciplinary collaboration in serving strategic needs of the nation. With over 100 outstanding research scholars including 2 Nobel laureates setting up top international research teams and 11 research centers established, the IRIMS has made outstanding academic achievements represented by papers published in Nature and its sister journals. In its commitment of facing up to scientific problems, of engaging in fundamental research meeting strategic needs of the nation, and of planning future research layout based on dominant disciplines at Beihang, the IRIMS refined and put forward its five key research directions with the goal of producing original research results with global influence and building the world’s cutting-edge research hub.