Professor Masao Doi was Elected Foreign Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering
On February 8, 2016 (Washington, DC, local time), the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) had elected 80 new members and 22 foreign members, among which Professor Masao Doi from the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, expert of the 1000 Foreign Expert Program and director of the Center of Soft Matter Physics and its Applications at Beihang University, was elected foreign member for contributions to the rheology of polymeric liquids, especially the entanglement effect in concentrated solutions and melts; also elected was Professor Lei Jiang, dean of the School of Chemistry and Environmental Science and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Individuals in the newly elected class will be formally inducted during a ceremony at the NAE’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 9, 2016, according to news released on NAE’s website.

Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Professor Masao Doi has been working on many problems in soft matter and made important contributions. He proposed first molecular theory for the viscoelasticity of polymeric liquids and of liquid crystals (Doi and Edwards 1978, Doi 1981), the concept of stress diffusion coupling of polymer solutions and melts (Doi and Onuki 1992), and a rheological model for textured materials (Doi and Ohta 1991), and established a continuum model for gel dynamics (Doi 2009). Professor Masao Doi is the recipient of numerous awards, including Polymer Society Award Japan (1982), Polymer Prize (APS, 2001), Bingham Medal (Society of Rheology, USA, 2001), Award of Society of Rheology Japan (2003), Purple Ribbon Medal Japan (2010), SPSJ Award for Outstanding Achievement in Polymer Science and Technology (2012), Award of Society of Rheology Japan (2014) and Humboldt Research Award (2014).