BESIII 2014 P&S Workshop was held at BUAA
    BESIII experiment 2014 Physics and Software Workshop was held successfully in the 2nd meeting room in the new main building at Beihang University from 20 to 23 Feb. 2014. More than hundred scientists joined the workshop from Institute of high energy physics (Chinese academy of sciences), Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Minnesota, Mainz University (Germany), INFN (the national nuclear physics laboratory in Italy), GSI Damstadt University (German), Uppsala University (Sweden) and so on.

The President of Beihang University Jinpeng Huai attended the opening ceremony, and have a discussion before the workshop with Professor Xiaoyan Shen (spokesperson of the BESIII Collaboration), Professor Fred Harris, Professor Wolfgang Gradl (co-spokesperson of the BESIII Collaboration) and Professor Changzheng Yuan (physical analysis coordinator). President Huai sincerely welcomed everybody and mentioned this workshop could promote particle physics development in China and international high energy physics research.

BESIII Collaboration is an international cooperation group based on Beijing electron and positron collider experiment, which is composed of more than 300 scientists from over 100 universities or laboratories. It is one of eight largest high energy experimental bases in the world. BESIII has made outstanding contributions to the high energy physics research in China. Professor Chengping Shen who is belong to the School of Physics at Beihang University has worked for BESIII experiment for many years. On December 30, Physics Magazine from the American Physical Society announced the top eleven highlights of the Year 2013 to the public. The observation of Four-quark matter, Zc(3900), discovered by BESIII and Belle experiments was selected as top of this year’s highlights.