International Symposium on Bio-Energy Conversion
The first International Symposium on Microbial Electrochemistry and its Application in Bio/Mimetic Energy Conversion sponsored by the School of Chemistry and Environment was held at Beihang Vision Hotel on April, 12th, 2014.Many outstanding international experts were invited to present keynote speeches, including Prof. Kenneth Nealson from University of Southern California, who is one of the most famous experts in the area of microbial electrochemistry and also American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow (AAAS is sponsor and publisher of Science magazine), Prof. Kazuhito Hashimoto and Prof. Shuji Nakanishi affiliated to the University of Tokyo, who are electrochemical specialists and have made remarkable achievements in this area. Prof. Lei Jiang, dean of the School of Chemistry and Environment, made the opening address and emphasized the significance of the research for sustainable development of energy and environment. In the end of the speech, he gave all the participants a warm welcome to visit BUAA. Prof. Yan Xiang, president of Institute of Foundation and Social Sciences delivered a speech on behalf of BUAA. She stressed the importance of international cooperation and communication. Besides, the other domestic well-known experts in the area of microbial electrochemistry from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Institute of Urban Environment were invited to the symposium too.

This is a high-level international symposium concerning microbial electrochemistry and energy conversion. Three main topics were discussed in the meeting: structure and function of redox active proteins on microbial membrane; electron transfer mechanism from microbes to the electrode; biomimetic fabrication and improvement of biofuel cells. This symposium enhanced the influence of BUAA in the area of microbial electrochemistry and provided a great platform for the communication of experts all over the world. Here, the frontier progress was exchanged and new research fields were condensed, which plays a positive role in promoting the cooperation and communication between BUAA and oversees.