Seminar held jointly by SIRC and Nobelist Prof. Fert
Prof. Albert Fert, one of the 2007 Nobel laureates in Physics, talked with faculties and students from Spintronics Multidisciplinary Research Center at F706, New Main Building of Beihang University on June 2. Prof. Weisheng Zhao, the center director, took the chair of the meeting. The attendants include, Prof. Youguang Zhang (Vice-dean of school of Electric and Information Engineering), Prof. Chao Zhao (research professor and the director of Integrated Circuit Advanced Process Center, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert of Chinese government “Thousand Talents Program”), Dr. Songsheng Xue (CEO of Multi-Dimension Technology Co. Ltd., expert of Chinese government “Thousand Talents Program”), Prof. Lebeux Sebastien from Ecole Central Lyon, Dr. Li Ting (manager of the Storage Department of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.), Prof. Peng Wang (expert of Chinese government “Thousand Youth Talents Program”), Assoc. Prof. Haiming Yu, Na Lei and Qianfan Zhang (experts of “The Hundred Talents Program of Excellence”).

Prof. Weisheng Zhao introduced the origin of spintronics and its development history at the beginning of the meeting. Spintronics origins from Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect discovered by Prof. Fert. It has fundamental influence on memory technologies. Then, Prof. Zhao presented the future research directions of the research center, the center organization and the recent research achievements. He claimed that magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ), which is the core of spin torque transfer MRAM, fabricated by the research center has approached the top level in the world. In the end of speaking, Prof. Zhao looked forward to the prospects of future research plan and disciplinary construction. Prof. Fert approved the center research achievements and gave his suggestions on center developments.

Subsequently, some teachers reported their research directions and achievements respectively. Prof. Fert listened very carefully and showed great interests. He asked some insightful questions during the reports, and talked actively with speakers and attendants. At the end of each presentation, Prof. Fert expressed his opinion on the report topic and provided some constructive suggestions for further research. The atmosphere is very active and harmonious.
When the meeting finished, Prof. Weisheng Zhao presented a Chinese calligraphy plaque to Prof. Fert as a gift. At last, all attendants took the photo with Prof. Fert the front of New Main Building, Beihang University.