Professor Yubo Fan was Elected President of the World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers
Correspondent: Yikun Ni

The World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers (WACBE) was established in 2004. The mission of WACBE was to set up an excellent platform of networking the world-wide Chinese professional researchers and students in the area of biomedical engineering in China and abroad. 270 outstanding scholars from 18 countries in biomedical engineering attended the 7th WACBE Congress in Singapore on July 6-8th, 2015. Eleven researchers and Ph.D./Master students from Beihang University(International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, school of biological science and medical engineering) attended the congress.

Prof. Yubo Fan was elected as the president of World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers (WACBE). He was also invited to give a speech and a scientific report titled "Computational Methodology in Biomechanics" at the opening ceremony. Professor Fan’s reports drew attentions from many experts. During the meeting, experts expressed interest and kept asking for details. In addition, at various branch conference sites, our teachers and students made oral reports on the progress in biomechanics, tissue engineering and biomaterial. We had a full discussion on the forefront of scientific research with experts in biomedical engineering and we also showed our ability and charisma at the international conference.