Professor Cheng-kung Cheng Serves as Chairman of the First Session of the DOF Council
(Text by Huizhi Wang, Xingzheng Qi, Yikun Ni; Photo by Huiying Hu)
Correspondent: Yikun Ni

Digital orthopedics is a new frontier inter-discipline, and its important value in clinic as well as development prospect has been demonstrated by the current research results and clinical preliminary applications. In recent years, personalized technology in plants and other digital orthopedic technologies have become more and more popular, among which the 3D printing has been the fastest growing and the most attractive technology in application prospect.

The Digital Orthopedic Foundation (DOF) was proclaimed to be established on the fourth digital orthopedics academic meeting on October 18, 2014. It was launched by the CSOS, ICMRS and the WACBE, and is supervised directly by the CSOS. The academician from Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University serves as the honorary chairman, Professor Cheng-kung Cheng from International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, Beihang University, serves as the chairman of the council in the first session, and the council members are all famous orthopedic researchers from North America, Europe, and Asia.

DOF aims at funding and supporting young and middle-aged orthopedic researchers (especially for young and middle-aged orthopedic doctors) from China under the council’s guidance. Various forms of education and training will be held to provide all kinds of consultation for hospitals, to provide technical service for clinical scientific research, and to translate scientific researches into clinical and market application.