Party Secretary Jun Zhang Visited the Faculty of Global Youth Talent Program
To further strengthen the construction of the university’s high-end talent teams, and to offer continuous support to the growth and development of youth talents, Academician Jun Zhang, Party secretary of Beihang University, went to the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science to visit the faculty of Global Youth Talent Program once again, accompanied by staff in charge from the human resource department, office of the Party and university administration, department of development and planning, institute of science and technology, asset management department and International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science on March 23, 2016.

The team led by Secretary Zhang stopped in sequence at Baiyan, H building of the New Main Complex and IRC, and visited Ruifeng Zhang from the school of material science and engineering, Xiaoxiao Wang and Weisheng Zhao from the school of electronics and information engineering, Peng Yan from the school of automation science and electrical engineering, Zaoyang Guo from the school of aeronautic science and engineering, Yingchun Guan from the school of mechanical engineering and automation, Peng Wang from the school of mathematics and system science, Chengping Shen from the school of physics and nuclear engineering, Ming Ding from the school of apparatus science and optoelectronic engineering, and Yanming Sun from the school of chemistry and environmental science to have a grasp of their working conditions and laboratories with cordial conversations going on between Secretary Zhang and the faculty about their living and progress of work.

After the visit, Secretary Zhang and his team came to IRC 308 conference room to have an informal discussion with the faculty of Global Youth Talent Program. Staff from the human resource department briefly introduced the status quo of young talent team construction before Secretary Zhang delivered a speech of importance.

Secretary Zhang pointed out that the essentials for building a world-class university are the aggregation, inheritance and development of top talents. Competition between universities boils down to the key factor of talented people. High-end talents possess the characteristics of scarcity, collectiveness and aggregation. Therefore, the construction of talent teams at Beihang University should fully exalt the advantages of team culture of the university, enhance top-level design and mechanism innovation, meditate plans to support and stimulate top talent teams, prioritize resource allocation and secure these resources for faculty of Global Youth Talent Program that have been recruited. All functioning offices and departments must take initiatives and coordinate efforts in providing all-round guidance and services.

Secretary Zhang emphasized that faculty of Global Youth Talent Program are the core forces for the university’s world-class innovations. Particular attention has been focused on the development and progress of young and talented people by Beihang. The establishment of such specially administrated academic bodies as the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science further strengthens a respect for science and a respect for academic values, creates the environment of academic exchanges and cooperation, and forges a platform for development and progress to help the new members merge into Beihang culture as soon as possible, constantly promoting competitiveness and global influence of Beihang University.

Drawn from his own experience, Secretary Zhang spoke of the importance of sticking to one’s dreams, being goal-oriented and team development, inspiring young people of talent to take on responsibilities and become pioneering leaders. First, one must adhere to the dreams and goals of ambition, actively participating in serving the strategic needs and economic development of the country; the second is to be of international perspective at academic forefront, standing at the frontier of global scientific development, striving to make significant and original achievements in scientific research; the third is to maintain interdisciplinary and integrated development. Enhanced academic exchanges and interdisciplinary collaborations should be carried out among the faculty of Global Youth Talent Program as well as with schools, colleges, and state laboratories to stimulate creativity and vitality. Secretary Zhang motivated each member to pursue a career of faster development, higher achievements as well as greater changes, with success of each member condensed into a greater success of the university and even mankind.

Finally, Secretary Zhang presented the faculty of Global Youth Talent Program each with a book An Oral History of Peking—on the College Avenue: Beihang in Oral Account, and had a picture taken as a souvenir with each one of them, earnestly hoping these young and talented faculty to better understand Beihang’s history, inherit Beihang’s cultural heritage, expand Beihang’s achievements in joint devotion of building Beihang into a world-class university.

(Text by Rui Wang; photo by Qing Wang)