“Global Youth Talent” Forum Held at Beihang University
(Text by Wang Rui; photo by Sun Yecheng)

On January 30, 2016, the “Global Youth Talent” forum hosted by the Human Resource Department was held at Ruxin Conference Center. Academician and Party Secretary Zhang Jun, Deputy Secretary Cheng Jiwei, Vice President Liu Shuchun, Vice President Fang Jiancheng, together with staff in charge from 5 functioning offices and 22 faculty members of Global Youth Talent Program (also known as the Youth 1000 Talent Program) attended the forum, which was chaired by Cheng Jiwei.

The meeting began with reports from five faculty members (Zhao Lidong, Zhao Weisheng, Guo Zaoyang, Wang Peng and Zhang Jicong) about their progress in research, future plans, proposals and objectives, followed by each faculty member reporting on their teaching, research and international cooperation, with expressions of thankfulness and recognition for the support and help the university has been providing. They also gave profound knowledge and penetrating insight into the university’s future academic capacity enhancing, resource allocation optimizing as well as platform and base building.

For the challenges and difficulties encountered by the junior faculty, attendees in charge of the functioning offices expressed the willingness that they would continue to optimize the allocation of resources and improve mechanisms, thus effectively supporting and assisting the talents in their rapid and sustainable development.

Vice President Liu said that the university had always attached great importance to the growth of talents. The university will actively coordinate resources with priority given to the development of faculty members of Global Youth Talent Program.

In his speech, Vice President Fang encouraged faculty members to seize the important opportunities to pursue in-depth and original innovation. And the university will put forward mechanisms of mentoring and tutoring to provide all-round help to junior faculty through the guide, help, and experience of established scholars such as academicians, Yangtze River Scholars and recipients of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

In his concluding speech, Secretary Zhang encouraged the faculty of Global Youth Talent Program to cement cohesion and seize opportunities to achieve rapid development with his affirmatives first given to their achievements and progress. He then elaborated on the essence for the growth and development of youth talents and how to better adapt our work to these characteristics based on four key terms: “CONSENSUS”, “COMMUNICATION”, “4 REQUIREMENTS”, and “5 NEW PATTERNS”.

The first: “CONSENSUS”-a world-class university with top-ranking disciplines must have first-class talents, the competition for which has become increasingly fierce against the backdrop of globalization; nonetheless, the key factor lies in the good living and working conditions provided and the construction of a platform suitable for the development of talented people by a higher education institution. Therefore, to be invincible in the “talent competition”, we must constantly promote competitiveness through improving conditions and platform construction.

The second is “COMMUNICATION”-there is the need for a communicating platform for the growth and development of talented people, based on which a mechanism for continuous and active interaction will take shape. In the collision of wisdom, consensus will be reached. Focusing on and targeting pool of efforts at cutting-edge major scientific issues will lead to a common progress.

Thirdly, the “4 REQUIREMENTS”-everyone should become Bo Le, who excelled in discovering, nurturing and supporting young talents and made efforts to create an atmosphere for respecting talents, as well as learning and knowledge; “sincerity brings accomplishment”-we must make it practicable the principle that bringing in talents comes with bringing in their hearts and minds, in order to give heartfelt considerations for their development, to understand talents with sincerity and to offer support with wholeheartedness, which is the key of fully understanding the nature of talents and our work; we must give preferential service and lenient tolerance to the talents, being able to accommodate the needs of talents and to forgive failures; we must precisely evaluate and boldly trust the talents, focusing on guiding and supporting the development of young and talented faculty based on their characteristics.

Fourthly, the “5 NEW PATTERNS”-he inspired young talents to hold confidence and perseverance at a new starting point, to be free from worries and have peace of mind in a new environment, to develop attentive diligence and quiet concentrated mind in order to make a new achievement, to be meticulous and inspired in the face of an expanding new career, and ultimately to build “new Beihang” with love and goodwill.

Secretary Zhang encouraged each faculty member to integrate into Beihang while keeping dreams and goals of ambition, and to learn from role models of older generations of scientists such as Qian Xuesen and Shen Yuan to fully inherit and carry forward “Beihang spirit” and to make pioneering explorations. He stressed that young people should be able to think independently and lead the trend, particularly in academic innovation, and make efforts to be the first in publishing papers of original breakthroughs of the field, and the last in summarizing systematic literatures of the subject area.

Recalling his own experiences, he recommended the book An Oral History of Peking—on the College Avenue: Beihang in Oral Account, earnestly hoping young people of outstanding talents to better get to know Beihang’s history, to inherit Beihang’s heritage, and to expand Beihang’s achievements in joint devotion of building a world-class university.

Finally, on behalf of the university, Secretary Zhang concluded the meeting by giving his New Year wishes to the faculty who were still working hard on research even though the Chinese lunar New Year was approaching, the forum coming to a successful conclusion in a heartening, auspicious and peaceful atmosphere.