Outlook on Future Shared between President Xu Huibin and New Faculty

“Coffeebreak Conversation” Series: Outlook on Future Shared between President Xu Huibin and New Faculty

(Text by Wang Rui; photo by Kong Xiangming)

On September 21, 2016, President and Academician Xu Huibin invited some of the new faculty members from International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science for coffee to learn about their personal goals and, in general, opinions and suggestions of junior faculty on the university’s support and services. The faculty are members of the Global Youth Talent Program and the Beihang “Zhuoyue Program”, who have joined the university in the recent two years after studying or working overseas. Staff members in charge from the National Aerospace Laboratory, Office of the Party and University Administration and the Human Resource Department were also at the gathering.

While giving his welcome to the new faculty, President Xu encouraged them to enhance communication and collaboration. He, with utmost attention, listened to each faculty member in order to know about their needs concerning living and working. He suggested that young and talented faculty are crucial to the future of the university, and even though they may face challenges and difficulties of all sorts in career and life at a starting point, the university will still be committed to provide necessary support for each one of them.

Faculty who took part in this “Coffeebreak Conversation” agreed on that the activity provided an effective communicating platform for junior faculty, and enhanced their sense of belonging and integration to the university.