The 2016 Beihang University Vision Forum Gets Together Over 100 Outstanding Young Scholars Worldwide


(Text by Wang Rui; photos by Yu Min, Cheng Zhe. Original text in Chinese by Kong Juan)


On December 17-18, the 2016 Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars, sponsored by Beihang University and co-sponsored by the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science and the Institute for Medicine and Engineering Interdisciplinary Innovation, was held in the University’s Vision International Cultural Exchange Center. More than 100 young scholars from renowned universities worldwide including MIT, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Imperial College London, Technischen Universität Berlin, University of Toronto, Northwestern University, and Cornell University participated in the forum.

The aim of the Forum is to advance the frontier of sciences, continuously promoting scientific research across disciplines and success of young scholars. The Forum creates a suitable platform and a network of academic exchanges for outstanding young scholars worldwide through a variety of activities including talks, symposiums, seminars, and career fair, aggregating global talents of outstanding achievements and recruiting excellent faculty members to better realize the goal of building a world-class university rooted in the homeland of China.




The great cause of rejuvenating the nation calls for independent innovation and innovative talents. Beihang University officials attending the opening ceremony were Academician Zhang Jun, Secretary of the CPC Beihang University Committee, Academician Xu Huibin, President of Beihang University, Professor Cheng Jiwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beihang University Committee, Academician Fang Jiancheng, Vice President of Beihang University, and Professor Wang Yunpeng, Vice President of Beihang University. The Forum also had Professor Ji Xunming, Vice President of Xuanwu Hospital and Dean of Beihang University Institute of Medical Sciences, and invited speaker Wang Xuebin, research fellow at the U.S. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, together with deans and secretaries of Beihang University’s Schools, Global Youth Talent 1000 Program faculty members, Yangtze River Scholars and outstanding young scholars of relevant research fields. The ceremony was hosted by Deputy Secretary Cheng Jiwei and Vice President Wang Yunpeng.




President Xu Huibin gave his welcome speech, and congratulated on the opening of the 1st Vision Forum. “Talented young people are the key to a nation’s future”, he said. Sharing his own stories as to the reason for returning to homeland and choosing Beihang, President Xu encouraged young people to relate one’s career ambition to the service for one’s country and to be driven by innovation.

President Xu pointed out: The world is undergoing profound changes, and China's comprehensive national power and economic strength are on the rise. At this historic moment of boosting the construction of a world's science and technology power, innovation and development call for talented people. Never has been a time more suitable for overseas-educated talents to start a career for the development of the country. And Beihang has been a university that attaches its mission with the nation’s future and the talents’ career. The university will continuously expand programs and mechanisms, aggregating talented leadership, cultivating innovative talents, motivating outstanding talents, and making efforts to provide the most solid and the most effective support for talented people.




Party Secretary Zhang Jun awarded the ‘Certificate of Honor for Specially Invited Scholars’ in expression of his appreciation for their excellence.




Secretary Zhang pointed out: Beihang’s aspiration, inheritance and future are closely related to national rejuvenation. Ever since the dawn of its history, aviation experts nationwide have gathered at Beihang, the outstanding ones of whom had studied at some of the world renowned universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, and Imperial College London, and soon created many firsts in China’s aviation history, making prominent historic contributions to the country. With innovation and advancement, inclusiveness and cooperation, Beihang has led the way of innovation by serving the strategic needs of the nation and orienting for global scientific frontier, with the magnificent accomplishment of 9 First Prizes of national level science and technology awards in the recent decade.

Secretary Zhang hopes to share the message that now is the opportunity hard to come by for starting a career for the country, and Beihang University is maintaining a strong momentum for advancement, better than ever. As an expert of air traffic himself, Secretary Zhang wishes young scholars have a career takeoff and fly faster, higher, and farther, eventually reaching the destination of a world-class university rooted in the homeland of China.




Vice President Fang Jiancheng offered a comprehensive introduction to the University’s history, achievements and objectives, pointing out that the University shall never leave its original aspiration behind, and will stick to its mission and make new achievements pushing for interdisciplinary innovation, continuously expanding the honorable tradition of being capable of taking on responsibilities whenever and wherever needed.

He pointed out: The University will make efforts to provide excellent support and resources, create suitable environment for science and technology innovation through enhanced interdisciplinary planning of a trinity of the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, the Institute for Cutting-edge Technology Innovation and the Institute for Medicine and Engineering Interdisciplinary Innovation, and make record-breaking achievements on the ‘international track’. He looked forward to having outstanding young scholars worldwide to collaborate at Beihang to make new achievements.

Vice President Wang Yunpeng said, “Currently, the University is firmly grasping national strategic opportunities to accelerate the construction of world-class research teams.” From the perspective of policies, mechanisms for innovation and providing living benefits, Vice President Wang elaborated on the action plan to soaringly promote and transform top research teams.

He pointed out: By coordinating with the Human Resource Department, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, Asset Management Department, and relevant Offices, the University will vigorously implement various types of programs, with efforts put in the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science’s X Plus Program and the Institute for Cutting-edge Technology Innovation’s Key Plus Program to focus on cutting-edge research and cover all levels of innovative talents. The University will deepen the reform of personnel system, gradually introducing tenure track system based on probationary period and life tenure, as well as classification management of personnel and further improving the mechanisms to foster innovation.




After a coffeebreak, the Forum’s invited speaker Wang Xuebin introduced his research to the audience, followed by representatives of Beihang University’s outstanding faculty members: Professor Zhao Weisheng and Professor Zhao Lidong of Global Youth Talent 1000 Program, and Professor Cheng Qunfeng of Yangtze River Young Scholar Program, cordially sharing experiences and accomplishments in their area of expertise.




In the afternoon, 4 sub-forums in Mathematics, physics and chemistry, Engineering and materials, Information science, as well as Life sciences and medicine and engineering interdisciplinary research were held for in-depth discussions around cutting-edge science and technology, further promoting academic exchanges and cooperation among young scholars through presentations and discussion of academic issues, broadening horizons, inspiring creativity and connecting a bridge of friendship.

The two-day forum witnessed the effective implementation of the responsibility by relevant Schools for the construction of top research teams. The Schools actively prepared, took initiatives in connecting with outstanding young scholars, and enhanced in-depth communication and exchanges between faculty members of research teams and the participating young scholars by arranging visits and informal discussions to present the School’s current status and future plans. Outstanding young scholars also got the opportunity to discuss employment matters with relevant Schools.