Beihang University Calls for Global Talents

Founded in 1952, Beihang University is one of the top research universities in China, focusing on basic and cutting-edge research and high-level education. One of the first universities funded by China’s "211" and "985" programs, it has seven state key laboratories and twenty-five provincial and ministerial key laboratories. Today, Beihang University is known for outstanding research and education in aviation and aerospace sciences, power and energy engineering, material science, mechanics, information science, transportation science, apparatus science, management and law.

Beihang University is committed to its goal of becoming a world-class university with top ranking science and engineering disciplines. As part of Beihang’s further pursuit for excellence in research and education, we have expanded our global search for the best research talents to join our International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science (IRIMS). Eleven independent international research centers were established under the name of IRIMS. As the core of IRIMS, these research centers are devoted to establishing a world-class, advanced and multidisciplinary research platform.

Beihang University welcomes applications for full-time professors, associate professors and excellent scientists. Preference will be given to candidates whose research emphasis demonstrates the potential to complement and advance the IRIMS existing research strengths. Successful candidates will be provided competitive salaries and start-up funds, in line with “Global Talent 1000” Program, “Global Youth Talent 1000” Program and Beihang “Zhuoyue” Program.

Requirements & Qualifications

Global Youth Talent 1000 Program: candidates should be under the age of 40; have obtained a PhD degree from a world-renowned university with at least 3 years of research experience abroad; or have obtained a PhD degree in Chinese mainland with at least 5 years of research and teaching experience abroad; special offers will be granted to those who have excellent research achievements during their doctoral study.

“Zhuoyue” Program Professor & Associate Professor: candidates should have a PhD degree from a world-renowned university; or have obtained a PhD degree in Chinese mainland with at least 2 years (Professor) or 1 year (Associate Professor) of research experience abroad; have a proven record of faculty or research fellow position abroad before coming to China.

We also welcome eminent scholars, both domestic and international, to join the IRIMS and create its international excellence.

Interested individuals should contact relevant Schools to send application materials. For policy-related matters, please contact the Human Resource Department at or visit For more information about Beihang University, please visit