International Research Center for Advanced Structural and Bio-Materials
“The Center focuses on research on the toughening mechanisms of Natural and Biological materials, and on the development of novel materials simulating the mechanisms”.

The International Research Center for Advanced Structural and Bio-Materials was established on 10th September, 2012. Led by worldwide renown materials scientist Robert O Ritchie (Member of American National Academy of Engineering and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, FREng, UK) with an overall goal of building a world-class research platform, the center is aiming to build up a union among biology, physical sciences and engineering dedicated to state-of-the-art research in the discipline of most advanced structural materials and nature-inspired materials involving the materials sciences and engineering of natural materials, biological tissue, medical implants and bio-inspired materials.

Research topics include: 1) Biological tissue (bone, teeth, effect of disease, etc.); 2) Natural materials (seashells, antler, fish scales, wood, bamboo and other plants); 3) Medical implant materials (orthopedic & cardiovascular prostheses); 4) Bio-inspired materials (biomimicry of fish-scales for lightweight armor, shell-like ceramics for structural materials); and 5) Materials for extreme environments (ultra-high strength High Entropy Alloys and ultra-high temperature SiC/SiC composites).

Developing close partnerships with local, national and international industries, the center is to be responsive to the needs of government and industry in China. At the same time, the center tries to be dedicated to the education, training and well-being of undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in these critical areas of science and engineering. Scholars from all over the world will be welcome to join, interact, visit and collaborate.