Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos

The International Research Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos (IRCNPC) was established in September 2012. The IRCNPC’s main goal is to carry out first-class interdisciplinary studies on various topics relevant to syntheses of elements, compositeness of the universe and its evolution. Nuclear physics and particle physics are the base of those understanding and thus researches in those scientific fields are important subjects in the Center. Present priorities are given to the following research subjects:

Theoretical nuclear physics: Study of structure and reaction theory in both nuclear and hadronic physics including tensor force/three-body force in nuclei, nucleosynthesis in the cosmos, dark matter/dark energy
Experimental nuclear physics: Study of tensor and three body forces in nuclei, charge radii of unstable nuclei, and studies using ultra-cold neutron
Cosmonuclear physics: Study of Big Bang nucleosynthesis and subsequent nucleosynthesis in stars
Application of nuclear technology: Development of radiation detectors for nuclear and particle physics, astronomical research, medical, and industrial use

The IRCNPC is devoted to creating an environment that nurtures and promotes excellence in nuclear science and technology.